It has been our privilege and pleasure to be the Hawkwind Lightshow since November 2001 and boy has it come a long way since then.  We started off literally carrying most of the gear in the car, a few solar 250's and a we have more gear than the band themselves:-) - see the Spring 2004 photos if you don't believe us! (and that's not all of it folks!)  

Unfortunately - as with most of our gigs - the lightshows are very hard to photograph as they are quite dark - The band hate spotlights on them anyway, so - great for our lightshow, but bad for need either a very good camera, luck or a lot of film to waste - or even all of the above.  

Anyhow, we have been sent photos in the past and have plenty of additions from the  most excellent Hawkfest 2003 and now lots of pictures snapped during those rare quiet moments on the lighting tower.  Also I have included fans comments from the 2004 Spirit of the Age tour.   So a big thanks to the fans for the nice reviews we have been getting.

2005 has been a quiet year - sadly no Hawkfest.  Norway was excellent fun, but pretty low-key from the lightshow point of view.  Germany proved to be a fantastic couple of dates with Loreley being the highlight of the trip.  However, the festival at Donnington provided us with the chance to take out most of the lightshow for Hawkwind.  It was strobetastic!!  The winter tour was short but sweet with us trialing new software for the video which proved to be a great success - straight away people were commenting on the improvement and with increasing control over remaining projectors and now a new laser to play with - 2006 looks like it will be even better! 

Continued thanks go out to all those people we know from on the road with the mighty Hawks.  It has been an psychedelic blast being the lightshow for Hawkwind for the past 5 years and it has grown brighter and better with each passing year!  

If you have any pictures that we can use, please drop us a line and let us know 


Roadburn Festival - Tilburg 2006 Photos


Germany 2005 Photos


Spirit of the Age tour 2004 photos.


Hawkfest Pictures


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