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Band Sites

Hawkwind - THE Psychedelic band with an impressive history of past lightshows.

- Mr. Dibs' current band also featuring Keith Barton.

Tim Blake - pioneered the use of laser lightshows in the seventies with Patrice Warrener.

Harvey Bainbridge - question the nature...



Pooter's Psychedelic Shack - the online site for all your lightshow queries.



Optikinetics - no psychedelic lightshow would be complete without a sizeable input of equipment and effects from these guys.

Tega - useful online lighting supplier.

You wouldn't imagine a lighting company to have a fan club, but those folks at Opti should be proud that they do have such a loyal following, like



Starfarer - An excellent site with some extensive links.

Hawkeye - for a fan's view of all this psychedelic band chaos and some great links.

Peter Pracownik has very kindly given us permission to use any of his artwork for the lightshows and here's the link to his site so you can see what a cracking artist he is too -







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