Chaos Illumination would not exist without the continued support of the following people - in no particular order.

Keith Barton, Jim Lascko, Eric Siegerman and Steve Lindsey for all their help and encouragement with the lightshow.

Hawkwind, to all band members but especially Kris Tait & Dave Brock, for letting us loose on their Spaceship!!

Bedouin, to all you guys, especially Alan Davey, for allowing us into your tent!!

Spacehead, especially Mr Dibs as co-founder of Chaos Illumination and Martyn for getting us started in the first place.  Who thought it would end up like this!!

Harvey Bainbridge  - the invisible warrior with a 1000% solution.

Yazz and Flo for a friendly local sounding board - at least you guys have a clue about what we are on with and for doing the Hawkfest 2003 barn stage lighting at short notice.

Neil Rice and Geoff Blindt - for keeping those oil wheels turning and for such a friendly reception when we popped in for a visit - and for the Quasars - nice ;-)  Only one word to say to you guys - Splodascope

John Moules for helping watch over the gear at countless venues and for getting involved at the Hawkfest 2003 gig seeing as Hawkwind had kidnapped Keith and Dibs to play on stage!!v - never managed to escape since. Also for contributing to the ever expanding lightshow. 

Thanks to Wag, Jez and Mark and countless other roadies for help moving very heavy kit around.

To Salutations M.C.C. for Garstang.

To all the Hawkwind crew - Dibs, Keith, Mark, Fleece, Simon, Chris, Tim for your help and input on the 2002 Winter tour and for 2003 so far. 

A belated but highly deserved thanks to Alan Taylor for the artwork he's sent us and kindly allowed us to use.

Thanks to our friends at all of the gigs - especially Steve, Lee, Trevor Hughes, Merrick & Julie, Neil & Lisa Price, Dave & Blena, Nick Lee, and all the people we know off the BOC - List.   Sorry if we've missed anyone out.

Ok - an extra special thanks to John Moules again for the Spirit of the Age tour.  We're training him up well:-)

Also special thanks to Peter Pracownik.  Not only is he a superb artist but also - to my surprise, a great musician as well - and he's given me permission to use his artwork - top bloke!! 

If we have forgotten anyone, sorry and thanks anyway.


Peace - Chaos Illumination

Mechanical Artificial Replicant Intended for Exploration Networked Electronic Infiltration Lifeform Juggernaut Optimized for Hazardous Nullification 




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