Spirit of the Age 2004 Spring Tour Reviews


We would like to thank all the people below for their very kind comments about our show on this tour.  This time we really got it together for a change and actually scripted the show to an extent, making sure that not one single effect was duplicated all night, every night.  Just compare the Newcastle 'Out of the Shadows' DVD to this and we think you'll see what we mean...

There are lots of people that we could not do this without - you know who you are...

We'd especially like to thank the band who, after seeing video footage of the gigs, have been very happy with the show - glad you liked it guys and below are some reviews of other people who felt the same:-)


Chaos Illumination 


Lightshow was marvelous - a great mixture of patterns, film, cartoon and imagery and the stage set-up allowed for a really good projection. – Ian Abrahams, Salisbury


Not a lot to choose sonically, maybe, but the large stage with a good sized backdrop meant that we were treated to a full-on light-show.  Lots of colour and b/w psychedelic images, video clips and images that fitted the music superbly, Marie tried to tell me afterwards that she missed a couple of cues for video clips but it certainly wasn't noticeable.  The addition of the new colour strobeflowers added an extra dimension to the lights coming from the stage. – Nick Lee, Salisbury


Back projections were great and related well to most of the songs. – Mike, Salisbury.


Glasgow – well, it was a good gig musically, but due to the low ceiling (about 10ft), there was no light show to speak of, and Hawkwind without a light show is just not right. – Moggie, Glasgow. – Yes, we were very disappointed with the lack of power at this venue, a single 13amp plug socket was all that was available and as you can see from the photo of our usual set up – this was in no way adequate for the our needs – I do hope you managed to get to Aberdeen or another gig L  – Chaos Illumination


A small balcony for the full light show and a non-reflective screen (so I was told by Marie!) at the back so the colours showed in their full intensity instead of being muted by white ultra-violet glow….The Chaos light show was in full flow – brilliantly colourful abstract sequences (my favourite were the spiked circles with a multicoloured spiral infilling) with some images - the fighter shots in The Right Stuff were spectacular. – Jill Strobridge, Aberdeen


From the start the light show was spot on – intense swirling colours, constantly changing – Graham, Aberdeen


The light show was excellent…The Right Stuff was awesome with very tight playing and amazing films on the backdrop….They left the stage and Mr Dibs had to encourage the crowd to shout a bit louder for an encore which came in the shape of Brainbox  Pollution and Brainstorm which was a cracker with the lightshow being used to maximum effect. – Tim Bellfield, Manchester 


The light show was very good indeed….The light show was as spectacular as one would expect.  It really was more like going to a private party than going to a gig. – Tom Byrne, Manchester


The band were tight, the sound was excellent, there was masses of room for the full effects of Chaos Illumination and the crowd were well up for it. - Rob Dreamworker – Manchester


Stunning lightshow and the band were as tight as you like and seemed to be really feeding of the excellent reaction from the crowd.  - Nick Lee Manchester


My good wife did notice the full on sound etc. was accompanied by the on stage audience facing strobes coming on - shows you that the music plus lights really is a lethal combo. - Jim Manchester


We were at the very front of the stage at the right hand side and I couldn't see much at all...but it sounded awesome....'Brainstorm' and 'Brainbox-pollution' being particularly good ....the combination of the lights, the sound,and the floor actually moving ( and a bit of 'The right stuff' : )   )  actually felt like I was taking off...!   - Sam - Manchester  

And has anybody noticed how the swirling circular blue-green pattern in the lightshow is reminiscent of a peacock's feathers?…(Wings)…Huge thanks to Chaos Illumination for such a good lightshow at this gig and all the others (except Glasgow...): there's so much going on I sometimes get totally "lost" when I'm watching it. – Alan Linsley - Cardiff


I will add that the light show was fantastic and this was augmented by a laser above the band. - Kit, Portsmouth


Particular highlights this time around have to be The Right Stuff, extra enhanced with some stunning aviation related footage from Chaos illumination, although at this point I must make one small criticism - from my vantage point the film seemed to be of the Bell X1 attempting and breaking the sound barrier, now without being picky ;-) The Right Stuff as everyone knows concerns itself with the F-104G Starfighter so in future could we have a bit more attention to detail! (yes I am taking the p**s), - Dave, Brighton


My somewhat tongue in cheek comments regarding the film footage that accompanied "The Right Stuff" has already got back to Neil and Marie  who took it in the manner it was meant (I think!) but as a counter balance to my comments I should also point out the stunning piece of footage of a jet fighter taking off that accompanies the beginning of Brainstorm, for me one of the best film segments I've seen the band use! – Dave, Northampton


The low-ish ceiling didn't do the video clips & images any favours but the
psychedelics worked superbly in the closer confines of this hall,
shining off the lighting gantries and sides of the hall. – Nick Lee, Northampton


Bigger venue, better sound, freakier crowd. The visuals looked terrific and the band sounds v tight and expansive  - Jon Jon – Wolverhampton

The sound was very good and this time around I found I noticed small things you don't pick up on first time around - the way the light show starts with really intense iridescent colours and you can feel the effect on the audience. – Jill Strobridge, Wolverhampton


I have also seen several comments and remarks to the effect that Chaos Illumination have outdone themselves with the lightshow on this tour.  The Salisbury pics I have here certainly bear this out -well done Neil and Marie!!!! – Starfarer.



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